Days of Thanks: Digital Books

Today, I’m thankful for e-books. While there are several issues regarding e-books that are being ironed out (not always in ways that I like, but you have to start somewhere, right?), there are so many advantages for me.

The biggest advantage is that I have thousands of e-books (no joke) and I don’t have to have physical space or bookshelves for them. For the most part, I don’t even have to have storage space for them as I buy them from places that save them for me (proven to not always a good thing – there have been people who have lost access to “their” books).

Although it’s great that I can have access to so many books (without having to go to the library), I’m most often aware of the fact that I can read whatever I want pretty much wherever I want. Between my phone and my computer,  I can access most of my books and they stay synced between devices. I really appreciate that I can (if I want) start a book on my computer, leave the house, turn on my reading program on my phone, and pick up where I left off.

Finally, I appreciate that most of the books I “own” were acquired for free or very low cost (and unlike borrowing “real” books, I get to keep them when I’m done). Books on the Knob is my favorite for free books. I really like eReaderIQ for keeping track of the books I want to read but don’t want to pay full price for.


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