Days of Thanks: Weekends

I love weekends. My weekends don’t tend to be mini-vacations unless you count the fact that I frequently do things I love on the weekend.

Some weekends we stay at home working on the house or spending relaxing time together. Sometimes, those weekends aren’t fun, but it’s nice that Tony and I can work together rather than one or the other of us doing stuff on our own.

Other weekends, I’m off doing something. Last weekend was a farm tour. This coming weekend is another class-related farm thing. Next weekend is Thanksgiving and we’re going to be really busy running around to see various relatives (yay!).

Some of my favorite weekends have been spent on or with motorcycles (see this post or this post). Dad often has time to ride on the weekends and I really enjoy spending that time with him, especially when Tony comes too.

So, on this Friday, I’m thankful for the weekends I’ve had and the weekends to come.


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