Days of Thanks: Opportunities to Learn

Today, I have my farming class, so I’m reminded of my gratitude that I have the chance to take classes, as well as learning in various other ways. I know I’ve already mentioned that I’m grateful to the farmers who are willing to show me around their farms, but I’m also taking an accounting class this semester. I’m thankful that our finances and my schedule allowed for that.

I’m thankful for the individuals who are willing to teach me in a less formal setting (family for teaching me about being in relationships, family who will teach me about subjects they know and care about, strangers who do the same, the list goes on).

I’m also thankful for opportunities to learn that aren’t from people. There are plenty of opportunities throughout the internet to learn many of the things that a person might want to know.

Anyhow, that long rambling thing was just to say that I’m thankful that there are lots of places that can and will teach me things (even when I don’t think I want to know them).


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