Days of Thanks: Support

Today, I’m thankful for all the people who have supported me. I know I’ve already mentioned my family, but there are people I don’t know as well (even strangers) who have helped me when I needed it.

What really got me thinking about this post was the chaos of house sitting this last time. One of the dogs was having a lot of trouble and I was having trouble dealing with it. My boss said that she had a neighbor who would be happy to help and given that I was having a hard time dealing with the whole situation, I took her up on the offer quite happily.

I’m incredibly grateful to the woman who cheerfully took her whole night to help me get the dog to the vet and settled in before she went back home. She drove all three of us to town and took me back to work. But even beyond that, she and her husband drove all the way to town to pick up the dog so that I didn’t have to figure out how to get him out of the car (he was doped up and not really up to jumping out of the car). I’m incredibly grateful to the two of them for all of their help.

And that’s only one of the bigger, more recent events in which I had people who didn’t know me (or didn’t know me well) who helped me when I needed it. So thank you to everyone who has helped me, even when you didn’t know me.

As a side note, the dogs appear to be fine now.


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