Days of Thanks: Our Location and Running Water

Today, I’m thankful that we don’t usually live on the bus route. Last night sometime, the water went out. From the number of vehicles that went down our street, I’m assuming they closed the other road and routed traffic down ours. People were reasonable for the most part, but I was quiet aware when a half hour had passed because another pair of buses went down our street. They are really loud and I’m really glad they don’t usually go down our street.

I think the buses really made me aware of all the traffic on our road and it made me really grateful that they don’t usually drive right past our house.

I’m also really thankful for running water this morning. Fortunately, we have a Brita filter pitcher and it had water in it last night. This morning after work, I picked up a jug of water from the store because what came out of the faucet didn’t look quite right, but at least now I can do things like water the Christmas tree…things that don’t require potable water.


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