Christmas at Carova – Day 5

I thought I’d written a post for Wednesday, but it seems to have disappeared. So strange… Anyway, on with the stories, right?

Wednesday we woke up and it was raining. And we still didn’t have any water. We (where we is not me) called the rental people later in the morning to find out when they thought they might come out to figure out what was going on. We were ok on non-potable water…it was raining after all. The issue was becoming water to drink. 
The maintenance/plumbing guy finally arrived in the middle of the afternoon (he brought drinking water!) and told us he wouldn’t be able to fix the water in a reasonable amount of time (the pipe from the well was crushed and, whether it was debris or a dry well, there wasn’t any hope of getting it fixed quickly), so we spent the rest of the day moving our stuff two miles up the beach to a new house. 

The new house, Idyll Time, doesn’t have a walkway over the dunes, only this cutout where people have walked and water has rushed through. On the beach side, the dunes are over Tony’s head (he says he’s pretty much exactly six feet tall)

We agreed pretty quickly that Idyll Time seemed to be better maintained than Tangled Up in Blue. And although it has more bedrooms, three of those are on the bottom floor (feels like a basement, even though it’s on ground level), so it doesn’t really feel like it’s any bigger.
Although it sounds like we spent a lot of time examining the house and comparing it to Tangled Up in Blue, we spent a lot of time enjoying the water. Showers, flushing toilets, washing hands, drinking water on demand… As I said in November, these are the sorts of things I take for granted until I don’t have them.

By the time the sun set, the weather had started to clear out, as you can see.


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