Christmas at Carova – Days 7 & 8

Friday was our last day to spend on the beach. Before we went for our usual walk, we had our usual end-of-the-week photo session. We finally figured out that we can’t just stare at the camera while it counts down, someone has to do something really goofy to make us look like we’re actually happy by the time the camera takes the picture. We start out with a great grin on our faces, but by a few seconds in, we could all feel it slipping. Fortunately, we’re all a little bit strange and can amuse ourselves. As you can see.

We went for our usual walk, but this time, we walked up the beach (toward the paved road and civilization). We got within looking distance of one of the houses we’d considered on other trips, but Tony’s mom was still getting over being sick, so she didn’t want to walk up that far. I talked Tony into going up there and looking around.

We explored a good bit before we turned around and walked back to Idyll Time. There were a few other houses that looked interesting, but honestly, a lot of the houses on the 4×4 beach are huge! It’s hard to imagine going from a very large house to an enormous one when there are only five of us.

Saturday we left at about 9:00 to get to the rental agency in time to check out. Unfortunately, it was just about at the peak of high tide. Not only that, but it was raining. Fortunately, it was one of the lower tides, so we didn’t have much trouble getting out, but you start to understand why they might be concerned about people having appropriate vehicles. If tide had been one of the really high tides, it might have been a very interesting experience getting out.


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