Fan Mountain Observatory

Last month, we went to Fan Mountain Observatory with some people Tony know through work. It was dark and we didn’t have the tripod, so a lot of the pictures didn’t turn out, but I’ll share what we have.

We arrived at the observatory a little before full dark. When we went to get tickets for the 40-inch telescope, there were only a few left (there were six of us there together), so we got the tickets for the smaller telescope first.

The man at the smaller telescope who told us about the things he studies before we went to look through the telescope was telling us about how they make color images (probably the really elementary version) and it was really interesting.

By the time we finished looking at the smaller telescope, a lot of people had left and we didn’t have to go back for another ticket for the larger telescope (we just joined the last tour group).

The day started off cloudy/rainy, but by the evening, as you can see, the clouds had pretty much cleared out and we had a really good night for looking at the sky.


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