Jean’s 2013 Visit

Jean came for her somewhat regular visit at the beginning of June. It was awesome. She was here for about 10 days and I got to spend a lot of time with her that time. So much that I actually feel kind of bad…like I invited myself to her vacation a little bit. Oops. *shame face* But! I had a good time and got some good pictures. And hopefully she had fun in spite of my tagging along.

Jean’s former in-laws picked Jean up at the airport (I was supposed to get her, but things got complicated and they were already there, so they brought her back to town). After we had lunch, we went to the park where they played with Alexus and chatted with Jean while I hung out and took some pictures.

Jean went gallivanting all over the place after she got here and I tagged along because there were people I wanted to see and because going to the beach just sounded like fun. Those pictures are hiding somewhere and I’ll have to add those later.

Jean stayed with Dad over the weekend and Monday Aunt Denise hosted a party for Jean. Unfortunately, a lot of people couldn’t make it.

Alexus really liked playing with the cameras and there was the *bump* “Ooof!” game with Tony.

Tuesday, we went to Lake Anna to hang out. We were going to get a boat, but things got kind of complicated. I’ll have to find the pictures from at the lake, but we had lunch with Dad before we went. He and Alexus had fun coloring on the paper “table cloth.”

We planned to go to Northern Virginia on Wednesday, but I had to work. I went to work and Jean took Alexus to the river and then came back to pick me up. She stopped to talk to some of her teachers and Alexus decided to be shy.

We finally made our way to Northern Virginia, where we were going to meet family (a little late…oops…).

Alexus thought it was pretty awe-inspiring! She really liked Uncle Ted’s kitten. I should be able to get a video up of that in a few days as well.

Anyway, it was a short visit with a lot packed in. I had a good time hanging out with my sister and getting to do things that I don’t normally get to do. And seeing people that I don’t usually get to see.


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