Missing Pictures

Alexus seemed to have a lot of fun at the beach. She played in the water with Jean for quite a while before she wanted to play on the sand for a little bit. She eventually got bored with the sand (especially since we wouldn’t let her play with other people’s sand toys) and I took her back out to the water. We played for a little while before she got tired of that and wanted to go lay on the towels.

Dad and Jean got Alexus a flotation device after we went to the ocean. They tried to put it on her while we were at the lake, but this is about as far as they got before she demanded they take it back off. That didn’t stop her from having fun in the water though – she always had someone willing to take her back out.

Also, when we went up to see Mom’s family, Uncle Ted got a kitten out for Alexus to play with.

Finally, a reminder that the rest of the pictures I posted are here.


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