Asheville Motorcycle Trip – Day 1

This past weekend, I took my first long motorcycle trip with Dad and one of his friends – we were meeting Dad’s friend’s friend (yes, it’s that convoluted) in Asheville, NC. That was to be our hub for the weekend. The biggest thing we had planned was to ride the Tail of the Dragon.

Dad and his friend met me in Charlottesville at 10:00 and we took off from there. Dad’s friend really wanted to ride the whole of the Blue Ridge Parkway, so we started at Afton. Not too far into the ride, we ran into road work. They’d stripped the road down the dirt so they could repave. I thought I had my camera running as we were going down the road, but it turns out the card I had in the camera doesn’t work with the camera I own. It took quite a while to get past that.

We rode down to Roanoke before we got off the Parkway to make some time on the interstate (the idea wasn’t to do the whole of the Parkway in one day). As it was, we didn’t get to the hotel until 10:30 or 11:00 pm.

Although we didn’t stay on the Parkway, there were plenty of nice views. Especially as we crossed the North Carolina line (apologies for all the bugs).

The route and more pictures. Also, day 2.


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