Asheville Motorcycle Trip – Day 2

We did the Dragon on Saturday. The forecast for the rest of the weekend was a little less certain (as far as rain), so we thought we’d do it while the weather was nice…do what we could to not be one of the casualties.

We left the hotel a little later than we really wanted and drove into Asheville, for breakfast. We took part of Moonshiner 28 to get there (we weren’t on very long, but some of the parts we did were pretty awesome). It was about 4:45 by the time we got there and got out on the bikes to ride (they have a little touristy shop and we had to stop, of course).

The thing is, down there, riders are out to prove something. They don’t seem to like to acknowledge other riders; they don’t give other, slower riders space to do things at their own pace; they don’t respect the road markings when they say don’t pass. That honestly soured the experience a lot for me. It was like that anywhere near the Dragon – on 28, on the Dragon itself, and on the Parkway near the Dragon.

I saved the card I had that I knew worked in my camera for taking pictures on the Dragon. Since that was the draw for everyone in our party, I wanted to make sure I had a record of it. Dad and I talked it over and decided a video would be the best way to go. The problem is that it’s a 20 minute video and YouTube wants all kinds of information if I’m going to post it there. I’m trying to figure out another solution. In the meantime, you’ll have to just enjoy the other pictures from the day.

The stop at the top of the Dragon was crawling (racing?) with bikes. Sport bikes, touring bikes, cruisers. It was crazy. It kind of made me think of the time Mom took us to Sturgis, but fewer bikes at a time (and for all summer, rather than a week).

On the way back to the hotel, we took the Parkway. We found some really pretty places to stop, worried about running out of gas, and wondered why it always took so much longer than we planned to get places. But I had such a good time with all of the bumps (honestly,  I think they made it that much more fun).

I don’t remember the route we took, so no map today…sorry. Day 3.


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