Asheville Motorcycle Trip – Day 3

Sunday, we thought about going back to the Dragon. As a matter of fact, we were headed that way. Saturday, we rode the Parkway to Cherokee, where we got off to get gas and then book it toward Asheville (it was still 10 by the time we got back to town…we ate dinner before we went back to the hotel). So, on Sunday, we took the Parkway down toward Cherokee to help fill in some of the missing parts of the Parkway.

We stopped at the highest point of the Parkway to take some pictures and with all the wandering and stuff that we did, we decided not to go back to the Dragon…we wanted to get back to the hotel at a more reasonable time.

Both Saturday and Sunday we drove through these. It’s tough to get your bearings when you go from bright sunlight to an enclosed space. You’d think your headlights would be really helpful, but I guess because your eyes are still adjusting, it feels like your lights aren’t even on. I think all of us were flicking our light switches a few times to make sure our lights were on. I know that for a while, I was wondering if there was something wrong with my headlights. The only things I could see were the reflectors on the sides and on the center line. I just had to hope there was nothing in the road that was going to dump me.

Then, as we were headed back, we ran into this. We’d been flirting with sprinkles all day and staying just ahead of a storm for a little while. But we stopped too long for one of our breaks and we chased down the mountain by this rainstorm. The people working at the gas station were nice enough to let all of the bikers who stopped block up their gas pumps to wait for the rain to pass. I think we all appreciated that.

Once the storm moved out, though, we had a fantastic sunset. We even managed to get back to the hotel by 9:45!

No map again. The rest of the pictures are here. Day 4.


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