A Visit to the Beach

Friday, I went to visit Amy with the idea that I’d spend time with her and then sometime on Saturday, Dad would come down and we’d head up to Chincoteague/Assateague.

I got down to Virginia Beach in the early afternoon. Amy and I took Alli (Amy’s dog) to First Landing and we walked around for a while (we followed the Bald Cypress Trail for a little while). Alli had a good time, but she said it was hot for a little black dog.

We talked about going to the beach, but Vic had plans for the evening, so we canned the beach and hung out with one of Amy’s friends and her friend’s two kids (they’re about the same age as Alexus and Andrew).

Saturday, we went to Mt. Trashmore to meet Dad. We stopped at Dick’s first to pick up a kite (I’ve never noticed Mt. Trashmore without kites in the air), but when we got up there, we found there was pretty much no wind. Some of the kids who were there with their little $5 plastic kites had them kind of floating about six feet off the ground, but basically everyone else’s kites were grounded. We were sitting on the ground just enjoying the day when one guy stopped and asked us, “Which way did you guys do it to get your kite flying?” We said, “We didn’t.”

Dad showed up around 11 and we got lunch at a bagel place. Dad and I thought about heading out, but when Amy and Vic invited us to go to the beach with them, we figured we’d hang around for a little while and then head up to the Eastern Shore (Chincoteague/Assateague direction). The beach was nice, but we went to a part of the beach that was more of a locals’/vacation house beach and there wasn’t anyplace to change. I rolled up my jeans, but that isn’t quite the same as actually having shorts on so you don’t have to worry as much about getting wet.

Tony reminded me to check the weather before we headed up and, as it turned out, they were saying that there was a pretty good chance of rain on Sunday. Since I lost my liner on the way to the beach on Friday (it flew off the back of my bike…I was not happy), I wasn’t really interested in getting caught by a downpour, so Dad and I headed back home.

Instead of trying to deal with the traffic in the Hampton Roads tunnel, we came back on 460. There were lots of traffic lights, but they were mostly in our favor. The speed limit was set lower, but the realized speed was faster. This may be a route that Tony and I seriously consider using for future trips to the beach.


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