Covered Bridge Tour – Saturday

This past weekend, we (Dad, his friend, and I) took another short trip, this time to look at covered bridges. According to VDOT, there are only five that are on public property.

I met Dad and his friend at Piedmont and we took 20 south. We had lunch in Bedford (same place we had dinner on the way home last time). It was just as good as the last time. After lunch, we went in search of covered bridges. The ride from Rocky Mount to Woolwine was amazing. It wasn’t as intense as the Dragon, but it was fun (if you want to compare for yourself: Dragon v. 40).

This is from the Bob White Bridge. In my opinion, it was the nicer of the two we saw on Saturday. It was hot enough that the water under the bridge was really tempting. If not for all the gear, I would have been looking for a way to get in without falling in.

After stopping at Jack’s Creek Bridge, we rode up to Blacksburg, where we stopped for the night. The lady who checked us in told us about a few places to eat and also warned us that traffic might be complicated because of Steppin’ Out. We figured that might be something fun to do, so we headed downtown to see what the deal was. It didn’t take us long to figure out that wasn’t really our scene and we went looking for dinner.

We went to dinner at Bull and Bones. I don’t think it’s on our list of things to do again. They brew their own root beer, but it felt like they were going for a really subtle flavor and I thought it was a little too subtle. It grew on me as I drank it, but it it was never something I would be in a hurry to go back for. Dad had a steak that was really good, but Dad’s friend and I weren’t really all that impressed with our dinners. So, apparently Bull and Bones is good for steak and not much else.



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