Covered Bridge Tour – Sunday

Sunday we went for breakfast at Gillie’s in Blacksburg. The food was good and we got there just in time. We had about a five minute wait and by the time we left, I would guess the wait was at least 20 minutes. They were waiting 20 minutes for breakfast….

After breakfast, we drove up to Newport, where Clover Hollow Bridge is. This particular bridge seemed to be really well cared for and I think it might have been my favorite stop on the whole trip.

After our stop at Clover Hollow, we took 42 up to 311 at New Castle. We stopped for a break and a group of more than 10 bikes stopped. It was a really interesting group in that there were Harleys as well as sport bikes and metric cruisers. I was bummed that there wasn’t a single woman riding her own though. I asked Dad if he thought the guy on the R1 would let me borrow his bike for a little while if I asked. While Dad said he thought the guy might (joking, I’m sure), I don’t figure he would have. Not like I had the nerve to do it anyway.

We meandered down to Paint Bank, where we’d been told there was good food. We weren’t hungry, but we stopped to look around. The buildings around there are well-maintained and Dad found a caboose to photograph. It was a nice stop, but we didn’t stay long. We were on our way to the bridge that I was most excited to see: Humpback Bridge (we’d heard it was closed, but we went to see what was what anyway).

When we got to Humpback Bridge, near Covington, we saw that it was accessible insofar as we could walk up toward the bridge and we could view it, but we couldn’t walk through it. That was okay with me, although who wouldn’t rather go to a picturesque place and not have all kinds of equipment in the way of the photos?

Humpback was the most touristy of the bridges we saw on the trip. There seemed to be a pretty steady stream of visitors. There weren’t a lot of people there, but it was a more than at the other stops (a couple of people stopped at one of the bridges we saw, but we were leaving at that point, so I don’t really count them).

After Humpback, we decided we were ready to go home. The trip was a lot more relaxing than the trip to North Carolina and I think we kind of wanted to keep that feeling, rather than pushing for more, more, more. We stopped for lunch at Penny’s Diner (which is, apparently, a chain…oops) in Clifton Forge. Dad’s lunch was good (our meals got mixed up and we didn’t notice until too late to switch), mine was not what I was expecting.

I have to say, we had great roads and awesome weather both days. Mountain roads are probably my favorite for riding. I’m not interested in tearing up the pavement, but I really enjoy some good corners at a reasonable speed.

Route and more pictures.


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