Days of Thanks and More Garden Updates

I’ve been really looking forward to doing days of thanks again this November. I was telling Jean how I’ve been impatient to start again and she said, “Why don’t you start today?” So, I’ll do that by saying how thankful I am that we can play the thankful game again.

I’m following the same rules I had last year for myself:

  • no writing posts days ahead of time…I have to come up with it the day of
  • no make-up posts…if I miss a day, that’s just too bad
  • no duplicating (writing about the same thing twice in November) and I’ll try not to make subtle distinctions
  • no writing about things I don’t feel thankful for, even if I know I should be

Those rules make it a little more challenging, but I think it made me be a little more thoughtful and thankful by the end of the month.

On to the garden. Something has been eating my kale. Urgh. It’s not like I don’t have enough to share, but I’d rather share with people than whatever’s eating it. If you have any ideas, I’m curious. I suppose I’m just glad that whatever is eating my kale is eating the big leaves and not the little ones (I think the little ones taste better).

As you may be able to see in this picture, the first bed has more growth than the others (as far as cover crops…you may also notice that the food crops in the middle haven’t really done much…we might’ve put a little too much mulch on top). That’s because we planted the rye/vetch mix in the first bed over a week before the other beds. Also, the far bed has only vetch because we ran out of rye seed. I’m a fantastic garden planner….
I suppose that’s why you practice on a small space first….
Want some closer images of the rye and vetch? Here you go…rye and vetch mix (I am having a hard time finding the vetch…but not the weeds!):

You’ll have to also forgive the fact that I’m apparently not very good at even seeding. And just the vetch (I did a closeup on this one because, as you saw in the first picture, they’re still pretty small):

The sad thing about winter coming on is that the rain barrels had to be put away to prevent damage. Sure did like having a water source over there! We’re considering a pump for next year since the barrels aren’t much higher than the first beds and maybe not higher at all than the new beds. Actually, Tony’s talking about barrels for our house with a pump on them, but I haven’t told him (yet) that I might sneak the pump over to the garden occasionally. 
I guess the exciting thing about winter is that we’re talking about what we want to do differently next year and what sorts of things we want to add to the system. Somehow, talking about the things that succeeded and failed and what we’re going to do next year makes this year seem more…real isn’t the right word, but I’m not sure what is. The expansion of the garden and the talk of next year also makes me feel supported in my plans and I appreciate that Tony is willing to even consider this thing with me.
It’s late and I’m tired (I probably shouldn’t be writing and posting this), so please forgive my inadequate words. I feel like the previous paragraph isn’t communicating what I want to say, but I don’t want this to be my first November post.

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