Grocery Stores

While I am appreciating good food from my garden space, I also appreciate the convenience of the grocery store. Farmers markets are nice, but the grocery store has more options in one place. It makes shopping for things that are out of season or not local much easier.



Today I’m thankful for the way people complement each other. I, for example, am not really a people person (especially in large groups). Then there are people who love huge groups of people. I am also thankful for the diversity of people’s interests. I’m thankful for the firefighters, police officers, programmers, waitresses, builders, mechanics, tree climbers, window washers, actors, etc who all do jobs I have no interest in doing (or whose jobs I would be terrified to do or would be incapable of doing).


I am thankful today for cameras. I am thankful for the way they capture both beauty and memory (sometimes one, sometimes the other, sometimes both).

Not Hosting Thanksgiving (or Christmas) Parties

Looking into the plans for the next couple of months, I’m really thankful that we aren’t hosting any of the parties. I don’t mind having a couple of people over for dinner, but more than about four people (other than Tony and me) starts to get overwhelming really quickly. So, thank you to all the hosting people for having us. Thank you for making it possible for me to enjoy the holidays by bringing my little food thing and not having to plan the whole event.