Garden Space

I’m very thankful that, while I can’t have a garden at my house (too many trees = too much shade), Aunt Denise has been nice enough to let me use her yard. It’s nice to be able to practice the things we’re learning in class in my own garden (it’s nice that we can do things in the garden at school and the internship is even more application, but there’s something about being in charge of my space that is even more instructive).

It was nice to have the space, but Aunt Denise has also provided other supplies. She bought rain barrels so I didn’t have to use her metered water (a win for both of us, really). She had extra fence from when Nana had her dogs there, so I took advantage of that to build the fence in the spring.

So, today, I’m thankful for my garden and Aunt Denise’s generosity in making it possible.


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