Christmas Week at the Beach 2013

Last week, we went to the beach for Christmas with Tony’s family. The first couple of days were quite warm (in the mid- to upper-70s) and our walks were really nice – barefoot, with shorts and t-shirts. We even walked in the surf a little (the water was cold, though, so we were in and out). Once the cold front came through on Monday, we were walking in more clothes (jackets, hats, jeans, boots).

We spent the week not doing much of anything. Board games, billiards, and movies were pretty common activities.

Dad came down on Thursday and stayed just until Friday afternoon, which was nice. I tried to talk him into staying until Saturday, but couldn’t pull it off. If he’d stayed, he could have been part of this party:

We were all packed and ready to leave Saturday morning. Tony’s mom wanted one last walk, so we geared up and headed out to the beach. When Tony and I saw this, we decided to hang around and take pictures instead of going walking. As it turned out, that was a pretty good decision. Tony got some nice shots:

You can see the rest of the pictures (from this year and previous years) here.

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