Winter Storm Pax

I’m not sure when winter storms started being named (maybe I was just oblivious to it before), but I suppose it makes naming blog posts much easier.

It started snowing last night. I was so excited about the snow that I swept the deck shortly before I went to bed around 11. That path is where I swept on my way back down the deck. The stuff on the sides is what accumulated in the time it took me to sweep up the deck (thoroughly) and back (quickly). Also, that light? That’s how bright it was at 11 last night. Usually, it’s so dark I can’t take a picture with my phone. The light was bouncing so hard between the clouds and the snow that it was quite bright last night.

When I woke up this morning, I was so excited about the snow (we got most of our snow overnight) that I went out to sweep the deck again. The broom was completely ineffective because the snow was no longer light and fluffy, but heavy and wet. The shovel was much more useful.

I measured the snow after shoveling, and we had a little more than 12 inches (yay!). I was definitely grateful to have tall boots to keep the snow out. I was especially thankful for them when I walked to the park. So far, the roads have not been cleared – people have been driving on them, so the snow was nicely packed down and it was really easy to walk. Once I got to the park, though, the snow was still very deep. There were a couple of people with snowshoes and I saw some ski tracks – I didn’t see the skier(s), though. Not many people were out, so it was quiet.

I’m a little bummed at how warm it’s gotten. And it’s supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. But I’ll enjoy the snow while I have it – it’s the first decent snow we’ve gotten this winter…

For more pictures, click here.


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