Pax in SNP

I wrote last week about the snow we got here from Pax (which was totally awesome – I was a huge fan). This afternoon, Tony and I went to the mountains to see what they got. We were also excited about the prospect of hiking the road while it was closed (unlike the last time, when we hiked a trail very near the entrance).

Hiking the road was an interesting experience. As far as we could tell, the trail had been blazed by snowshoers and appropriated by hikers. Near the entrance, the snow we were walking on was pretty compacted. We didn’t have much trouble finding “solid” snow to walk on. As we got further and further from where we’d parked the truck, the snow got softer and softer (not really surprising, I suppose since fewer and fewer people would’ve gone that far). 

We went as far as the Hensley Hollow overlook. We stopped there to enjoy the view. I sat on the rock wall on the edge of the overlook (just barely visible under the snow and probably only visible because someone else had cleared a space) and Tony took pictures. By then, I think we were both starting to get tired and we still had the trek back to the truck. It wasn’t a long hike (about a mile), but slogging through the snow, especially the further up the road we got, was more work than we’re used to. We really enjoyed it, but I don’t know if we’re going to have time to get back up there anytime soon.

As usual, there are more pictures here.


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