Dayton in February

This past week, Tony had a meeting in Dayton. I went in 2010 and enjoyed myself (I have two posts: here and here), so I thought I’d take advantage of the fact that Tony wasn’t flying and go with him. This time was a little more disappointing, but it wasn’t Dayton’s fault.

We left on Wednesday morning around after a little excitement with the car (we had a flat tire…fortunately, it was only a valve stem issue that was quickly and easily fixed). It took about as long to get to Dayton as I’d planned, but it felt like it took forever. We stopped in Lewisburg at the Stardust Cafe. I thought the food was pretty good and Tony really liked it – he was ready to eat there again on the way home. We had a good dinner with a couple of people he’s working with in Dayton, which was nice. Tony really likes Thai 9 and makes an effort to eat there whenever he goes up to Dayton. I thought my dinner was good, but liked his better.

Thursday, they were calling for rain and it was raining by the time Tony left for his meeting. I have a big project due on Tuesday, so I told him he should just take the car and I’d stay at the hotel and work on my homework instead of going out sightseeing. Around 10, it cleared off and my brain was refusing to work on homework. Fortunately, Tony’s meeting was only half a day, so after he had lunch at another of his favorite restaurants in Dayton (a pho place), he came back to pick me up and we went to the Air Force Museum.

We walked around a bunch and I was kind of bored because I much prefer interactive stuff to just walking around and looking at stuff. I’m not saying there aren’t cool aircraft there (it’s more than just airplanes), but that I’m not one of those people who can wander around a museum full of them and be entertained.

When we finally went to the modern part of the museum, they had a couple of cockpits open for people to sit in (they were detached from the airplane, but still…something to do). Tony and Ben (who went up to Dayton with us) had a really good time talking about and figuring out what all the buttons and dials were for.

We stopped in Lewisburg on the way home for lunch on Friday (this time at The Wild Bean). I didn’t think it was all that exciting, but Tony and Ben thought Lewisburg was awesome – probably because it was amazing that, in the middle of West Virginia, there was a town where it was easy to get vegetarian food. Whatever the case was, I think we were all really glad to get home.


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