Florida Spring Break 2014: Rainbow River

The last time I was in Florida, Jean and I went to Rainbow River. While I wanted to do some different stuff this trip, it shaped up to be returning to some of the same places Jean and I went the last time we were here. Tony and I found some different things to see, so it turned out to be ok.

Tony and I went to Rainbow River on Wednesday. We walked down to the swimming area

then around behind the old zoo and through the butterfly garden

to the nature trail (or whatever they called it). I wasn’t exactly dressed for walking through sand, so we abandoned that before too long (it wasn’t very pretty either). We walked back up to the top of the waterfalls, then back to the visitors’ center.

We decided we wanted ice cream, so we looked for a place not too far away from either Rainbow River or Grandma’s house – or the path between the two. That place turned out to be Scoops Ice Cream Parlor (they don’t seem to have a website). The ice cream was good (and huge!) and the banter was fun. I would definitely go back!

There are more pictures here.


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