April Birthdays and Garden Growth

We went up for Tony’s mom’s birthday in the middle of the month. It was such a pretty day that we spent it outside – a couple of rounds of croquet and a walk down to get ice cream at Carousel (yum!). We were basically practicing for summer (with much better weather!).

To change the subject, the garden is doing really well. My cover crops (rye and vetch) are doing really well. The rye is about shoulder height on me, which is pretty exciting. It’s coming up on time for it to be cut (which is good, because I have a bunch of plants getting ready to be transplanted).

A couple of the other beds either weren’t covered or were cleared out early for the plants I wanted to put in. Here you can see chard and peas (if you know where to look, there is a spinach plant too). I’m pretty excited about the peas!


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