Tony’s Turkey

One thing I’ve been surprised by here is the diversity of the wildlife. Over the winter, there were deer and we heard foxes. As the weather has warmed and more birds have found Tony’s feeders and whatever other natural magic happens, we’ve seen a lot of different creatures. (Don’t worry, I’m not planning to do a lot to my pictures in the future, but I felt like the poses really needed to be highlighted in this picture. Coke saw a turkey and Tony was as preoccupied with it as she was.)

There are all kinds of lizards – using this site, we have seen five-lined skinks (not sure which one), one that looks like it might be a fence lizard, and a broad-headed skink. We found a snake in the mulch pile (not sure what kind, but wasn’t poisonous).

Then, there are all the birds. Some of the more exotic birds we’ve seen are indigo bunting, scarlet tanager, and rose-breasted grosbeak. Tony’s especially amused by the nuthatches (the way they just walk all over the trees and/or feeders, seemingly uncaring of gravity).

I’m pretty excited about the variety of animals we’ve discovered so far and I’m looking forward to even more as summer comes in.


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