Cutting the Rye Cover Crop

Most of the rye recovered from the storm I wrote about over the weekend (yay!). This afternoon when I stood next to the beds, I had to look up to see the tops of some of the stalks. I’m pretty excited about how well it did and I’m really looking forward to planting rye this fall.

And it was shedding pollen, which is supposed to be my cue to cut it.

So, I spent the afternoon working on that. I bundled it (three bundles per bed is what I ended up with, not through any planning on my part) and laid it on the beds. I’m not sure what I’m “supposed” to do with it, but I thought maybe it would help keep the weeds down until it’s time to put in the transplants. If it doesn’t look like it’s doing anything the next time I’m over there, I’ll take the bundles home with me. We’ll see what happens.

One thing I thought was really interesting was the fact that the rye under the maple (front right corner) didn’t get nearly as tall and wasn’t as mature as the rye that was in sunnier locations. On the other hand, the carrots I’m letting go to flower/seed are much happier under the tree (because it’s a little cooler?). It seems strange to me that in such a small space, there could be that much difference in conditions, but evidently, it’s enough.


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