The Little Things You Find

In our walks, we’ve found all kinds of things. A couple of days ago, we were out marking trails and found a black snake (Tony has a picture…I need to see if I can get a copy of it).

I found this crazy little frog down by the creek the day we walked along the creek (we’ve intersected it before, but that was the first day we’d followed it from where we hit it near the house down to the back line).

This morning when I went out to check my baby plants, there was a fence lizard in one pot and this toad. The lizard ran away, but the toad just pretended I didn’t exist. For the curious, those are thyme plants.

Finally, I’ve been at Dad’s house the last couple of days working on my bike (pictures tomorrow, maybe). After a cloudburst, we were walking around and found this turtle. He was really bold – he never pulled his head all the way into his shell, even when we picked him up and moved him so he didn’t get run over.


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