The Rye Didn’t Die

Do you see all that green? Not the violets and other stuff in the path, but the tallish plants next to the straw? Yep, that. It’s rye. Evidently, I did something wrong. I don’t know if I cut too early or left the stems too long when I cut, but it didn’t die. So, I spent a little over four hours yesterday and got (almost) two beds cleaned out (I still have one more) and planted. I won’t plant the last bed yet because I’m still waiting for my peppers to put out their second leaves, but I’ll probably try to get the rye cleaned out this week.

This is one of the beds I cleaned out; there are tomatoes and basil in there. I need to get some
wood chips on the beds I planted. I really like the way it helps keep the ground moist (the beds don’t seem to take nearly as much water when they’re covered). I also feel like the wood chips help collect the water instead of letting it all run off (the one bed seems to have really nice soil – fairly fine pieces – but it doesn’t seem to collect water as well as the beds the wood chips)

The other bed that I cleaned out(which I didn’t photograph) has three watermelon plants. Those were free seeds and they are definitely an experiment. Given that my beds are more plant-it-and-leave-it at the moment, I’m a little concerned they won’t get enough water to produce much, but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.

This afternoon I’m going to visit a dairy goat farm in Waynesboro – I’m pretty excited about that!


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