A Better Way

I went out to visit A Better Way Farms yesterday. One of Tony’s mom’s friends knows the woman who owns the farm and suggested I set up a time to visit. So I did. We (where “we” is mostly “she”) did all kinds of stuff with the goats. There was tattooing and disbudding to do and hooves to be trimmed. Ms. Beck-Mullins even showed me how to milk and let me give it a try (even though it wasn’t time for milking, I guess it was ok to take a little milk early).

I have to say that disbudding (removal of the horns) was nauseating (the smell, the sounds, the thoughts). Tattooing wasn’t bad and hoof trimming is pretty normal to me at this point (after all the horses). Milking was the new experience that wasn’t traumatic for anyone. It was definitely exciting that, although milking is going to take getting used to, the videos I watched were helpful in knowing what to do (in the general sense).

I’m really thankful for Ms. Beck-Mullins taking the time out of her day to show me a little bit about how her farm works. That babies were super cute and this goat was hilarious. She came up behind me and complained about every picture I took of her….


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