Lost Bird Baby and Garden Update

Yesterday, I was at the house in town mowing the yard and saw movement out of the corner of my eye. The way the thing was hopping around, I thought it was a toad. I let the mower die and went to look. Turned out, it was a baby bird. All that fluff around its head is not dandelion fluff – it’s baby bird fluff.

I looked around for where it might have come from, but my best guess was the gutter and I wasn’t going to try to get up there just to put a baby bird back (it’s a long way up and I don’t like heights). The baby didn’t seem to really like my trying to put my phone in its face to take a picture; hiding under the leaf was just one way it tried to evade me. Hopefully it’s okay – there was an adult flying around after I went back to mowing. It seems like it would be pretty defenseless, though, since it doesn’t have real feathers yet.

After I finally got the yard mown, I went to Aunt Denise’s to look at my plants. The first thing I noticed when I pulled in was that my carrot plants are nearly as tall as the peas. And the peas are about as tall as I am. The carrots have got some really nice flowers on them (I left them specifically for the flowers, since the roots were less spectacular than I was hoping for last year). I didn’t see any bugs on them (pollinators, specifically), but there was a bee in my kale flowers, so hopefully something is enjoying my carrot flowers when I’m not looking. I read online that they are supposed to bloom all summer, so I’ll leave them that long, then take them out to put something else in.

The first plants I went to investigate, though, were my pea plants. I’m really enjoying my peas – so much so that I’m not, for the most part, waiting for them to be fully ripe before I pull them off and eat them.

Some of the tomatoes from last year seeded themselves this year (right under the peas). This is a volunteer tomato that already has blooms (the plants I started at the house have just been transplanted and are recovering).  I’m not sure if this is one of the big tomatoes (just the right size for hamburgers or sandwiches) or one of the cherries. I’m hoping for the cherries because they were just so good last year, but it looks like it might be the larger tomatoes (they didn’t do so well last year because it was so wet – they just split).


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