Tomatoes, Peas, Squash, and Mushrooms

The peas are producing! And they’re delicious; a lot of peas don’t even make it out of the garden. I managed to control my appetite long enough to get some home this last time and I’ve been enjoying them as a snack when I’m munchy.

This is something else I learned at my job. Instead of putting tomatoes in cages, I put some sticks in the ground with string/twine between to support the tomato plants. The idea is to add string/twine as the plants grow to support them as they grow. We’ll see if it works when they get larger. I think the thing that made it hardest to move this idea from work to my garden is that the farm I work at grows in rows and I plant offset. I made it work, but in the bed not pictured, it was a little more…interesting.

The squash is coming in (as you saw in the post yesterday). The other day I went out while the dew was still on the ground. I liked the fringe on the squash leaves. As is often the case, the picture isn’t quite as dramatic as it was in real life.

Finally, a bonus picture: a mushroom that was in the yard when I was walking around.


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