Trip West 2014: Las Vegas with Dad

Tony and I went to Las Vegas after riding on Saturday. We stopped at the Hoover Dam – we looked at the outside, but didn’t go in.

Dad and Tony were scheduled to fly out together on Monday (really early), so we only had Sunday to really get to hang out. We went out to Mt. Charleston for a short hike. We followed the Robber’s Roost trail – the caves in the lower left corner were about as high as we hiked.

We didn’t see a lot of wildlife, but Alexus really enjoyed looking at things through the binoculars Tony brough.

Finally, Jean really wanted a big group picture, so we set the camera up on the truck and got this picture of all of us.

There are more pictures in the album.

The following are the posts in this series:

  1. Traveling West
  2. Activities at the Ranch
  3. Wildlife at the Ranch
  4. Cowpunchers
  5. Las Vegas with Dad
  6. Jean’s Promotion
  7. Visiting Jean & Family
  8. Return to the Ranch (Friday)
  9. Return to the Ranch (Saturday)
  10. Teturn to the Ranch (Sunday)
  11. Return to the Ranch (Monday)
  12. Nevada and Utah
  13. Utah and Colorado
  14. Colorado, Kansas, Missouri
  15. Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Home

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