Trip West 2014: Return to the Ranch (Saturday)

I have to say that I enjoyed Cowpuncher’s more than the Prescott rodeo. Sure, the Prescott rodeo had it’s moments, but I really enjoyed how low-key Cowpuncher’s was, compared to Prescott. There’s someone who really enjoyed the Prescott rodeo, though:

The ranch manager brought his family and sat with us. His daughter and Alexus seemed to get along really well.

I have to say, during the rodeo, I was really looking forward to going back to the ranch to spend the rest of the weekend, though….

More pictures in the album.

The following are the posts in this series:

  1. Traveling West
  2. Activities at the Ranch
  3. Wildlife at the Ranch
  4. Cowpunchers
  5. Las Vegas with Dad
  6. Jean’s Promotion
  7. Visiting Jean & Family
  8. Return to the Ranch (Friday)
  9. Return to the Ranch (Saturday)
  10. Teturn to the Ranch (Sunday)
  11. Return to the Ranch (Monday)
  12. Nevada and Utah
  13. Utah and Colorado
  14. Colorado, Kansas, Missouri
  15. Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Home

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