Trip West 2014: Return to the Ranch (Sunday)

We went riding Sunday morning. As you can see, Alexus was ready to go! Of course, I just wanted to lag behind… If you believe that, I’ve got some great oceanfront property in Kansas I’ll sell you for cheap.

The ride on Sunday was much longer and more interesting. Aunt Jane asked if anyone wanted to “go fast.” I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t take advantage of that offer, so, of course, we did. Jean went and started in a trot, posting, but her horse decided to lope after a bit and Jean was struggling to adjust to the change in gait. Aunt Jane yelled that she should “sit down!” When it was my turn to go, I started in a trot (I don’t know how to direct the ranch horses directly to a lope), posting. Behind me, in Alexus’s voice, I heard, “sit down!” I couldn’t help but laugh and, when my horse shifted to a lope, sat. She was pretty pleased with herself when Aunt Jane caught up with us.

After lunch, we drove out, intending to get to Wagon Tongue, but with as little gas as we had and the rain threatening, we called the trip early and turned around. We stopped at Number 6 to look at the new solar pump and take some pictures.

On the way home, though, we got some amazing wildlife sightings – antelope:


a couple of roadrunners (Tony has been wishing for a chance at this forever and I’m definitely gloating that I got it first):

 and Francis:

Oh, wait. You mean to tell me he’s not wild? Sorry about that.

Unsurprisingly, Alexus fell asleep on the way back to the house….

More pictures in the album.

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