Trip West 2014: Nevada and Utah

Before I left Jean’s I went shopping with her on Tuesday. Wednesday, she took us all to a place on base. It was so freaking hot and calm that I was ready to just lay down in a freezer full of ice to cool off. That wasn’t to be, but I found a soda machine and bought a water. Andrew and I used the bottle to cool off a little before I opened it to drink some. I have to say, now that I’m home, I appreciate the 90s like I never did before…110+ is ridiculous. Going north in Nevada, though, it’s quite pretty.

After visiting the base with Jean, I drove up to Great Basin National Park. I’d heard about the bristlecone pines on the radio (something about 4000+ years old) and, although I didn’t figure I’d see the very oldest pines, I figured I’d see something cool.

I hadn’t planned to go hiking, so I didn’t really have the supplies I would have wanted. When the trail turned out to be so short, I couldn’t help going for a short walk. I didn’t make it to a grove of bristlecone pines that I could recognize, so there aren’t really any good pictures from the hike. On the way down, though, there was a double rainbow. I didn’t get the double part, but I did get a few nice pictures.

At sunset, I was driving through eastern Utah. The light and colors were amazing. 

This is something I’m not sure you’d ever see here in the east – it’s too humid here for the rain to stand out like this from the clouds.

One of the things I love the most about the west is the isolation. You can drive for miles and not see another person. That, however, came back to bite me on Wednesday night. I was looking for a place to stay – I started fairly early. I stopped in one town and they told me they’d just sold their last room on the phone while I was standing in line, waiting my turn. Well, whatever, no big deal…the next town is only an hour and a half away and I wasn’t too tired. In that town, they had already sold every room. The third town was further (at least another hour and a half, I think closer to two or three hours) and I was getting tired. When I arrived, the hotel I stopped in told me they were full, but the cheaper hotel next door might have space. I went over and it was just too creepy to even ask if they had a room, so I went out to the car and called Tony (three in the morning…I don’t think he liked that too much, but I didn’t know what else to do). He helped me get set up in a town further down the road and about 30 minutes off the interstate. At that point, I didn’t really care how far out of my way I had to go, I just wanted to go to sleep. I was so freaking thankful for a hotel room that was comfortable and clean and quiet.

There are more pictures here.

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