Trip West 2014: Utah and Colorado

I got up relatively late Thursday in an attempt to make up the sleep I’d missed trying to find a hotel with rooms available. I hadn’t eaten after breakfast Wednesday, so I decided I wanted something more substantial than a hotel breakfast on Thursday. After a quick look on the internet, I decided to try Eklecitcafe in Moab, UT. While the egg sandwich wasn’t the best I’d ever had, the atmosphere was exactly what I needed: it was beautiful and calm with the flowers between the patio and the road. The people working there were really cheerful and that was definitely a pick-me-up too.

I couldn’t waste much time over breakfast (didn’t stop me from wasting some time though)…I was off to a late start from someplace a little out of the way.

Western Colorado was amazing. I have no words, so you’ll just have to look at the next few pictures with me.

And then there were the temperatures near Vail. This was the middle of the afternoon. In July. I tried to talk Tony into moving there, but he said the winters would be so bad he’d never live there. I tried, anyway.


There are more pictures here.

The following are the posts in this series:

  1. Traveling West
  2. Activities at the Ranch
  3. Wildlife at the Ranch
  4. Cowpunchers
  5. Las Vegas with Dad
  6. Jean’s Promotion
  7. Visiting Jean & Family
  8. Return to the Ranch (Friday)
  9. Return to the Ranch (Saturday)
  10. Teturn to the Ranch (Sunday)
  11. Return to the Ranch (Monday)
  12. Nevada and Utah
  13. Utah and Colorado
  14. Colorado, Kansas, Missouri
  15. Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Home

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