Days of Thanks: Times of Gratitude (Week 2)

I’ll be honest: I’ve missed my plan to be thankful every day and share weekly what I’m thankful for. I even missed my intended posting day this week. But sitting here thinking about what I want to share, I’ve gone over several things in my mind and I think that’s what I appreciate most about this exercise – the mulling over possible options for sharing. It’s not specifically the act of sharing. It’s contemplating all of the possibilities before finding something I want everyone to know about. It’s the considering things that are too personal to share with any random person who happens to find my blog. The stories that aren’t mine to share, but that I share in gratitude for. The things that are too personal to share, even with most of the people I know are reading this blog. The things that are so simple that it feels like cheating to write them (things I know I’m thankful for, but don’t really ever stop to consider how thankful I am).

It’s the contemplation of all the things that I have to be thankful for that makes me especially thankful.


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