Days of Thanks: Local Food (Bonus Edition)

With Tony busy this afternoon, I had a little time on my hands. Looking at the calendar, I realized that I kind of cheated on Days of Thanks this year: there are 5 weekends and 4 workweeks. By starting on a Friday, I was “required” to have one fewer gratitude than if I’d done a weekend (which seems to work better for me anyway). Since I have time today, why not do a “bonus,” right?

Today, I’m thankful for super-local food. The produce I grow and the produce I get from the farm where I work are always much better than the food we get at the grocery store. I’ve learned to like arugula in small quantities. The kale we grow is much better than the kale that comes from the store (kale pesto!). We learned to like turnips when my boss sent some home with me (we picked more than we needed for the wholesale buyer and she couldn’t use all the turnips that were left). The few beans I got off the plants I had were delicious (besides, purple beans? that’s just cool). And who knew that things like garlic and popcorn could have that much flavor?

I’m looking forward to next year’s goodness – having more space for growing and the things we get from the farms near us.


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