Christmas at the Beach 2014: Thursday

Thursday started off overcast, but it had finally stopped raining, so we took advantage of the nice weather and went for a walk after breakfast. The sandpipers (?) were really amusing. They were busily running up to the edge of the water to get their food (my best guess), then running back toward the beach when a wave came in.

While we were walking, the day cleared all of a sudden. Not only was the sky dramatically different, but the water under the cloud line was really different: brownish on one side and much more blue on the other.

The nice thing about having taken my rubber boots was that I could get pictures like this without worrying about my feet getting wet (being the middle of December, that would be cold).

After our walk, we went in for lunch and noticed some neighbors had moved in across the street. They hung out for the whole afternoon.

Around 4:30, Tony and I went out to take pictures as the sun was setting. This was another picture I was glad to have my boots for.

We had fun playing with our boots in the mud-sand, though. I discovered that it was pretty easy to bury my boots in the sand just by moving them around a little. Tony tried too and we were both surprised how hard it was to get our boots out once we got them in. There was a lot of easy motions to get them in, but simply pulling up on them to get them out was a lot of work. To be honest, I almost threw myself on the ground the first time because I thought it was going to be so much easier than it turned out to be.

For more pictures, go here.


Christmas at the Beach 2014: Sunday through Wednesday

I remember the weather at the beginning of the week being pretty lousy. The pictures show that Sunday was pretty nice:

Then, the rain came in. It feels like it rained every day until Christmas. I usually like rain, but we were stuck in the house for several days and I was feel pretty stuck in the house. Even when it wasn’t raining, it was really cloudy. The fog on Tuesday was really thick. We went for a walk and you really couldn’t see much more than half a mile or a mile.

Of course, you can’t have amazing sunsets without clouds (not that every night was this rewarding):

For more pictures, go here.

Christmas at the Beach 2014: The Departure

We went to the beach again this year, but the fun started before we even left. We got ourselves packed in the car and noticed the really cool frost patterns on the windshield; they were all tree-like. We had a friendly competition to see who could get the best picture…I think Tony won (after I showed him how I got my angle), so I’m sharing his picture. I really like the way you can kind of see the driveway through the frost.

As usual, we stopped at Barefoot Bernie’s (I’d share the link, but the site is entirely flash) for lunch, then went on to the house. The first year, we spent a lot of time arguing about who got to drive on the sand. This year, we were trying to outdo each other on niceness: “Do you want to drive on the sand?” “No, that’s ok…you can drive on the sand.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” “Ok…if you’re sure…” I won’t complain about getting to drive….