Four Chickens

I haven’t really written much about the chickens (I haven’t really written much at all since we got them, actually). Chickens are way more interesting than I remember them being. As I said in my Days of Thanks post, Alan calls to his hens when he finds something he thinks they’ll like. I threw out some corn this afternoon to get them all in the sun (look at his tail shining!). It took them a little while to settle down from the excitement of food to a more sedate pecking.

You see in the picture above that he’s attentive. He wasn’t always like that. I was actually surprised how often he had his head down, eating with the hens. Even when he’s not heads-up, he’s watching out for them, though. I appreciate that, especially when a neighbor like the lower picture comes around. I just wish he hadn’t been quite as attentive today. They’d finally settled down enough to be pictureable – poking around a little without jerking around too much – when he spotted the hawk. He didn’t shriek and they didn’t go tearing for cover; he made a little noise and they calmly, but efficiently moved out from the open (and the sun) to Tony’s little Japanese maple and then under one of the overhangs on the porch. Unfortunately, they didn’t come back out when the hawk left. I tried to coax them back out, but they weren’t really interested anymore.


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