Tired of Chickens Yet?

So after a drought of chickens, there’s been a flood. Hope you don’t mind ’cause there’s at least one more coming for you.

Last week, I tried to get some pictures of the chickens with my phone. Rhône and Beaujolais are pretty happy to eat out of my hand, while Burgundy is much more reluctant. Alan has no interest, but I suppose that’s not really surprising if he’s looking out for his flock.

They know I have the food and we’ve been working on getting them to go into their house when we take them down there. It was close enough to their bedtime that they thought it would be okay to go in and get their food (I only feed them their dinner in their house when it’s time to close them up for the night). When I didn’t feed them, they were pretty peeved. “What about dinner? I’m hungry and there’s not much out there to eat….”


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