Christmas at the Beach 2014: The Departure

We went to the beach again this year, but the fun started before we even left. We got ourselves packed in the car and noticed the really cool frost patterns on the windshield; they were all tree-like. We had a friendly competition to see who could get the best picture…I think Tony won (after I showed him how I got my angle), so I’m sharing his picture. I really like the way you can kind of see the driveway through the frost.

As usual, we stopped at Barefoot Bernie’s (I’d share the link, but the site is entirely flash) for lunch, then went on to the house. The first year, we spent a lot of time arguing about who got to drive on the sand. This year, we were trying to outdo each other on niceness: “Do you want to drive on the sand?” “No, that’s ok…you can drive on the sand.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” “Ok…if you’re sure…” I won’t complain about getting to drive….


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