Christmas at the Beach 2014: Friday

The weather on Friday was at least as good as Thursday, so we spent a lot of time outside. As I said, we were really amused by what we think were sandpipers. When we went running, we saw one group in which most of the members were hopping around on one leg. I stopped to look at them and a few of them put their second foot back down. I wonder if that’s a normal thing for these birds….

Tony also took some really nice pelican pictures, but instead of boring you with a bunch, I’ll share this one. There is another (and the rest of the pictures from December) in this album.

We realized late Friday afternoon that we needed to get home to take care of some things (for something I’m going to announce tomorrow!). We quickly took the requisite family pictures (none of which turned out) and packed the car to come home. We would’ve left Saturday morning, so we didn’t really feel like we missed much by leaving early. We had a good week at the beach, but we’re both really glad to be home.


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