Meet Rhythm

We’ve been talking about getting a dog for years. When we lived in town, there was always a reason to wait: Tony was working, I was in school, we didn’t have time, whatever. Now that we live out of town and a lot of our away-from-home time obligations are reduced, we both wanted to get a dog. Tony enjoyed his memories of the standard poodle his family had when he was younger. We made arrangements and our standard poodle puppy arrived on Sunday afternoon. We spent the afternoon getting acquainted.
We expected that she would be pretty tired after riding several hours to get here, but she was a huge ball of energy. She spent several hours playing.
The cats weren’t really sure what to do with Rhythm. Coke was kind of silly and kept walking around on the floor, where Rhythm would torment Coke by following her around (this is one of the times Coke actually got up in a perch to escape from Rhythm).
Quicksilver, on the other hand, has always hidden when something new happens. He stayed in high places and he stayed pretty still, so Rhythm pretty much ignored him (that doesn’t mean he’s all that excited that she’s here – you can see the reprimand in his eyes, right?).

I think she’s grown in the last several days (I feel like she’s leggier now than when she arrived) and we’re all adjusting to each other. Rhythm and the cats are still learning how to interact with each other and Tony and I are still adjusting to a regular schedule with earlier waking times than we’re used to. But it’s not all hard; there are the good things too. She bounces like a goat, dives into piles of leaves, dives after her toy like a monster. And my relief when she finally goes to sleep is hard to describe.


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