The Art of Ice

Are you tired of puppy and chicken pictures yet? Today’s the day I’m going to wear you out on ice/frost pictures.

It’s been really cold lately (we’ve had a few below 10º nights). On Sunday, we took Rhythm for a long walk after lunch and were surprised and awed by the various forms the ice had taken.

First, there was the hoarfrost on the leaves by the spring. I’m bummed that I didn’t realize the focus was in the wrong place. Imaginations will have to be engaged to fully appreciate the picture.

Rhythm was walking on the thin layer of ice on the creek and Tony was walking along the bank with her when he kicked this up. I’ve seen the ice ooze out of the ground, but I’d never seen it do this under the ground (with the soil on both sides) and I’ve definitely never seen one this clean. I really wish you could see the intricacies of the ice structures on this one. It made me think of some kind of fantastical ice castle.

Then, there was the layer of ice suspended over another layer of ice. It’s amazing how little ice is needed to suspend the top sheet.

It had warmed up quite a bit by the we went for our walk, so the lower ice layer was melting and being pressed down by a puppy walking on it. That’s actually a layer of water over the lower layer of ice. I thought it made for some pretty cool reflections.

You can see the rest of the pictures from this walk (and other pictures) here.


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