Hello, Sledding!

I was under the impression that Tony had no interest in sledding. As it turns out, I managed to talk him into going with me without too much difficulty – and we had a really good time. We’d never been sledding here, so we tried three different hills before we decided the one we’d started on really was the best. Rhythm had fun chasing us down the hills (and back up again). Tony tried to take her down with him once, but she thought it was way more more fun to do this (Tony bailed because he hadn’t yet demolished the little tree at the bottom):


Hello, Snow!

Yesterday (and through the night), it snowed! We had snow a little earlier in the season, but it was only a dusting and gone by afternoon. This time, we got around 6 inches and the sun was out by the time we went out for our walk with Rhythm. She loved the snow. Just like the rest of our animals, she won’t do the thing we want to photograph/video long enough for us to capture it, but Tony got this picture, which comes close. She also really enjoyed burying her face in the snow, so she had a nice snow mask.

The creek that isn’t on our property was still open and running, but ours was nearly completely covered. Tony tried to walk across, but it turns out that it’s not solid enough under all that snow to keep him over the water. Fortunately, he was wearing his rubber boots and his feet stayed dry.

I’m looking forward to the snow sticking around for a while (it’s not supposed to get all that warm over the next few days).

(Re)moving Trees for Gardens

One of the things we were really excited about when we moved was space to grow plants. We realized before too long that we didn’t actually have much space that was ready for growing. The yard was a north-south rectangle when we moved in. We crammed as much as we could stand on the patio (where it was possible to get full sun), but that’s not really as much as we had hoped. And to be blunt, keeping plants in pots sucks.

We hired someone to cut some of the trees so we have more growing space this year. Most, if not all, of the cutting was done by the time this picture was taken (isn’t the light pretty?).

Since it’s easier for me to compare pictures from the same season, have a look at the picture of “before” that Tony managed to take.

Since I’m planning on keeping livestock, we left a few trees for them to hang out under.

Once the trees were taken down, they were cut into firewood-length logs for us, with the brushy stuff from the tops either chipped or stacked for a bonfire (the chickens didn’t naturally like the pile of chips…I bribed them with some corn).

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks splitting. We have two large piles of firewood and I still have a lot to do. Tony’s been helping me, but it’s mostly me doing a few hours a day. This was one of those days that I wouldn’t minded having a hand…getting that one up on the splitter was tough. One of those is fun. A few, especially in the same day, is exhausting.

Once I get more of the logs split and the stumps pulled out, I’ll be building beds and we’ll be on our way to lots of vegetables! Yay!

Skunk Cabbage and Deer Stands

The last month has been pretty busy, but we’ve still had time for fun. Walks with Rhythm are a daily thing and there is usually something to look at. The skunk cabbages have been blooming (I haven’t noticed an odor yet, but maybe it’s too early for that still).

The other day, Tony wanted to go out in the woods and clear out some brush around a few of his favorite trees. There wasn’t really anything I could do to help, so I thought I’d give the deer stand another shot. I’ve climbed up the ladder before, but never onto the platform (I have a thing about heights). Once I’d gotten up and settled on the top step, leaning over the platform, I figured out how I was going to get myself down (always the worst part). Then, I slithered up onto the top. It wasn’t actually that bad once I got up there and having a plan for getting down before I climbed up made a huge difference. Rhythm was a little upset that she was left on the ground.