Skunk Cabbage and Deer Stands

The last month has been pretty busy, but we’ve still had time for fun. Walks with Rhythm are a daily thing and there is usually something to look at. The skunk cabbages have been blooming (I haven’t noticed an odor yet, but maybe it’s too early for that still).

The other day, Tony wanted to go out in the woods and clear out some brush around a few of his favorite trees. There wasn’t really anything I could do to help, so I thought I’d give the deer stand another shot. I’ve climbed up the ladder before, but never onto the platform (I have a thing about heights). Once I’d gotten up and settled on the top step, leaning over the platform, I figured out how I was going to get myself down (always the worst part). Then, I slithered up onto the top. It wasn’t actually that bad once I got up there and having a plan for getting down before I climbed up made a huge difference. Rhythm was a little upset that she was left on the ground.


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