Hello, Snow!

Yesterday (and through the night), it snowed! We had snow a little earlier in the season, but it was only a dusting and gone by afternoon. This time, we got around 6 inches and the sun was out by the time we went out for our walk with Rhythm. She loved the snow. Just like the rest of our animals, she won’t do the thing we want to photograph/video long enough for us to capture it, but Tony got this picture, which comes close. She also really enjoyed burying her face in the snow, so she had a nice snow mask.

The creek that isn’t on our property was still open and running, but ours was nearly completely covered. Tony tried to walk across, but it turns out that it’s not solid enough under all that snow to keep him over the water. Fortunately, he was wearing his rubber boots and his feet stayed dry.

I’m looking forward to the snow sticking around for a while (it’s not supposed to get all that warm over the next few days).


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