February Snows

The end of February was really snowy. We didn’t have a lot of time that we had to deal with this. Of course, when all the snow melted, we had a muddy, mucky mess.

Before the snow all melted, though, we took advantage of the different perspective. The woods feel different, even if they aren’t, when there is a thick layer of snow on the ground. We found evidence of some of our neighbors. I’d seen raccoon prints on the back stoop one night when my cat escaped, but nothing since. We heard the foxes last year, but we weren’t sure they were still around after all the trouble our neighbors had with keeping chickens alive. Of course, there were deer prints. We saw a few squirrel prints. Some dog other than Rhythm and maybe a cat (again, not ours).

And, of course, there was the sledding. This hill was amazing in the last snow. The second day we went out, it was slick enough that we were jumping off the sled at the bottom to avoid crashing into the trees.

As always, there are more pictures.


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